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The Chartering Ceremony

   The Swamp Angels Camp #2029 and the Spaight's Angels Chapter #32 were chartered on November 15, 2003 in a ceremony that made history in the Texas Division. Those that came were astonished and those that did not come wished they had. Check out these pictures of the ceremony.


   The top of the cake was painted in icing to show the camp flag. The Texas star was supose to have been on it's side though. The cake was 18 inches from front to back, 2 feet wide and a little over 3 inches thick. A strawberry filling was between the two layers. The blue area with the Texas star was frozen for a future party. 

   This flag was the first thing that our guest saw when they walked into the mansion. To the left was the food area and to the right was the library where the ceremony was held.


   This afghan with the SCV Seal covered the table where our guest signed in.


   (Below left) Bill McCullough, Swamp Angels' Adjutant Randy Billingsley, and Wallisville's Commander John Hillman. Bill and his son Jeremy joined the Swamp Angels' camp only a week earlier giving the camp 11 men.



   (Right) Five of the Swamp Angels waiting to be sworn in as new members, some as officers of the camp. They are Adjutant Randy Billingsley, Chaplain Lamont Pearce, Lieutenant Commander Gene Rivers. Judge Advocate Matthew Morones, and Donald (DJ) Hendrix. Other new members were doing something during the ceremony or could not make it.


   (Left) From left to center of the Table of Honer; Texas OCR Director Eileen Lehmberg, Pastor Devries, and Gulf Coast Brigade Commander Jim Westmoreland.


   (Right) From Center to right of the Table of Honer, Pastor Devries, Commander Westmoreland, and Texas Divisional Commander Steve Von Roeder.


   (Left) Lieutenant Commander Sandifer and Commander Hillman of the Wallisville camp tieing their camp flag to the rail.

   (Lower right) Commander Gillen opening the ceremony.


  (Lower left) Commander Von Roeder presenting Commander Gillen with the Swamp Angels' camp charter.



   (Right) Commander Westmoreland swore the new camp memners into the SCV. They are Randy Billingsley, Matthew Morones, DJ Hendrix, and Color Sergeant Kenneth (Kenny) Carouthers. 


   (Left) Commander Westmoreland also swore in the camp Officers. They are Commander Vernon Gillen, Lieutenant Commander Gene Rivers, Adjutant Randy Billingsley, Judge Advocate Matthew Morones, and Chaplain Lamont Pearce.

(Lower right) Adjutant Billingsley signing the Spaight's Angels' OCR charter certificate. Four of the Swamp Angels also joined the Spaight's Angels  Chapter #32.


   (Below) Color Sergeant Kenny Carouthers signing the Camp charter certificate.




   (Right) Spaight's Angels' Chapter Representative Judith Gillen and Swamp Angels' Commander Vernon Gillen.

   (Left) Gene and Vernon were going to get some cake even if they had to cut it up. 

   There are many more pictures but there is not enough room for all of them. I tried to pick out the best ones that would tell the story. Thank you for taking an interest in our new SCV camp and OCR chapter.