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November 2003


The Commanders Thoughts

   Another Real Son of a Confederate Veteran has gone to walk the streets of gold with our Lord and Robert E. Lee. James Henderson King was a charter member of the John B. Hood Camp #50 in Galveston, Texas. His funeral was held on October 8th at the First Baptist Church in Lovelady, Texas. This is a great loss to the Confederation. Only a few Real Sons are left.

   If you ever want to meet one these Sons of a Confederate Veteran then you need to try to be a delegate at a state or national convention. This will be your best chance to meet one, or maybe even two. There are only a few of these men left so time is not on your side. It is something to sit and listen to one of these men tell you stories of the War of Northern Arrogance that their fathers told them. Stories of the War is only part of their stories. All of these men had to live through the Reconstruction Period as children. Not only did most of their Confederate fathers survive the War but these Sons of Confederate Veterans also survived this period after the War. The South was punished for defending their homes and land from an invading army from the North. This punishment continued right into the twentieth century.

   Our camp needs to strive to find other Real Sons and Daughters of Confederate veterans that do not even know about the SCV. If you know about a Real Son or Daughter that is not a member of the SCV, OCR or UDC then let Gene know immediately.

   Well guys, the day is finally, here. In two weeks, on November 15th, we will get our camp charter. Our Chartering Ceremony will be a special one but, for those of you that do not know; well, just wait and you will see how it will be special. Here is how the ceremony itself will precede. The ceremony will start at or about 11:00 a.m..

1. Pastor Devries will give prayer over the ceremony and then a short message.

2. Texas Divisional Commander Steve Von Roeder will present the camp with its charter.

3. Brigade Commander Jim Westmoreland will swear in all new SCV members of the Swamp Angels camp.

4. Commander Westmoreland will swear in all Swamp Angels camp officers.

5. Eileen Lehmberg, Director of the Texas OCR, will present our Spaights Angels with their charter.

5. Pastor Devries will close the ceremonies in prayer and give thanks for the food and drinks.

   At this time we will socialize with our guest. Many pictures will be taken of our camp members. Keep in mind that we need for our records and files (1) a picture of all 8 Swamp Angels charter members, (2) a picture of all of the first officers, and (3) a picture of all of our camp officers including non charter members. These pictures will be valuable to future camp members so please just bare with it. It is important that all eight (8) Charter Members are in these pictures. If your name was on the charter application then you are a Charter Member.

   The building must be cleared by 2:00 p.m. so the room can be cleaned up before the employees leave that day. We will need to empty the trash cans and move the chairs back where they belong. It will not take long.

  Our November meeting is very important and I need all Swamp Angels to attend if possible. If you need a ride then let me know. I cannot express enough, how important it is that all of the Swamp Angels attend the Chartering Ceremony. Pictures will be taken for our records and future viewers. At least one picture will need to be taken of us all together.

   I want to thank Gene for his donation of a scanner to The Angels Dispatch. It will be very useful in future publications making my job as the Editor a bit easier. This scanner remains the property of the camp. Thank you Gene.

Commander Vernon Gillen


The Dayton High School Campaign

   Well Gentlemen, I told you at our first meeting back in March that some day our camp would have to fight a battle, some local battle of discrimination against us and our Southern heritage. That day has already come and gone. On August 16th, Brigade Commander Westmoreland sent an e-mail the Principal of the Dayton High School expressing his feelings about something in the High School Student Handbook.

   In the High Schools Handbook, under Dress and Grooming (page 17), number 5, the next to the last sentence says; Clothing with slogans or pictures advocating violence, racial, or religious intolerance, or of a sexual nature (such as the Confederate flag, swastikas, etc.) are not acceptable school attire. They not only called our beloved flag a racial symbol but grouped it with the Nazi swastika. I have no problem with the school having a dress code. I have no problem with the children not being allowed to wear the Confederate flag on their shirts as long as no one else can wear what they want. But I did have a problem with the words Confederate flag being singled out and with the word swastika. The Gulf Coast Brigade and the Swamp Angels camp were not going to except this slap in our face.

   On October 28th I called the School Administration Building. They continued to give me the run around which only made me more determined to see it through. After all day of calling and waiting on return calls, they finally gave in and I ended up talking to the Superintendent herself. Now I am waiting to get a call from the Superintendents office to picked up a letter that she has signed. In it she will say that she will recommend to the school board that the words Confederate Flag be taken out of the handbook, never to be put back in again. It is the school board that decides what goes in or does not go in the school handbooks.

   Then we wait until around August or September of next year to see what the Dayton school board does. However; the Superintendent did tell me that removing the two words should be no problem. There never was any mention of our flag until this year.

   I want to thank three men for their help in this matter. Lieutenant Commander Gene Rivers who went with me to a school board meeting to check things out. His knowledge of past court battles that the SCV had won was important and valuable to me. Judge Advocate Matthew Morones gave me a lot of legal advise on this and future moves to make if needed. He even researched over 200 pages of information on other battles like this. And then there was Tommy Mayhood of the Anderson Camp. He teaches at the Dayton High School and put his job in danger by giving me some needed information. It was only with the combined help of these three men that this battle was won. I only made some phone calls but these men did the work.

   However; the war itself is not won until we see what the school board does next year. I plan to be there when the school board makes it decision on this. Ill let all of you know when it is in case you also want to be there. Well done Swamp Angels and Tommy. This small battle made us even more ready far a larger battle that may come our way in the future.


Picket Duty

This may interest you. Who said this?

   "You and we are different races. We have between us a broader physical difference than exists between any other two races. Whether it be right or wrong I need not discuss; but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think. Your race suffers very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this be admitted, it affords a reason, at least, why we should be separated.
   Even when you cease to be slaves you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with white people. On this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.
Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you. I cannot alter it if I would. See your present condition, the Country engaged in war, our white men cutting one another's throats,--and then consider what we know to be the truth;--But for your race among us there would be no war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or another. It is better for us both therefore to be separated."

   The answer to who said this is in the Notes section, #1, at the end of this newsletter.

Lieutenant Commander Gene Rivers


The Front Line

   If our children are not allowed to know their heritage then who will teach them if not you? If they cannot be a Southerner then who should they be? Who is teaching them who they should be?

   This is why we have so many battles to fight, so many law suits. We are only doing what other Americans have done in order to stop discrimination against them. We stand up for our Southern rights, our basic rights as American citizens. So the question comes up over and over again. Why is discrimination against Southerners so popular? Why is discrimination still allowed? If discrimination is looked down on as something that should be shameful then, why is it so popular to discriminate against Southerners?

   So how do we fight for our basic rights, our history, and heritage? We do it in a civilized manner. Our battlefields are in the nations courts and our weapons are the best attorneys that we can afford. A few of our attorneys actually work free but most want to be paid. We pay them and win more battles by paying our dues. The more members that the SCV has then the more battles we can fight and win.

   The SCV is growing daily and it is doing that because of men like all of you. You talk to strangers about the SCV, leave SCV business cards at restaurant tables, and some of you give speeches about the SCV.

   If our government wants to stop all discrimination then they need to do it. Stop ALL of it. I am part Irish and that is okay. I am part German and that is okay. I am even part American Indian and that is okay. But I am ridiculed for saying that I am a Southerner. I am hated for holding up a piece of cloth, a flag which is a big part of my heritage and history. Isnt that called discrimination? Being a Southerner is the last line of discrimination. We are discriminated against by almost everyone, even by other (limp wrested) Southerners. They do not know, nor even want to know, about their true heritage because it is unpopular. It might offend someone. They have crumbled like a cracker from the fear of being unpopular. I have not and will not crumble. I count myself among proud men like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and other men in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I am proud of my Southern heritage and gladly do anything I can to help protect our Southern history, heritage and way of living. I am not Irish, German, or American Indian. I am a proud Southern Confederate American. That is my nationality. What is yours?

   The web site address below is a great way to help fight for your childrens rights. You get a choice of twelve designs for only $5.00 a shirt. If other children can wear designs on their T shirts that shows their heritage then why not Southern children. Again Ill say, this is discrimination. And there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. Discrimination is still discrimination. There is no reverse to it.

   If you have a computer then go to to order one of these T shirts. If you do not have a computer then call Dixie Outfitters at 1-866-916-5866. Let the public know how you feel. They let you know how they feel. Do not be a cracker. Be a proud Southern Confederate American.

Here is some good news from our Divisional Commander


We aint just a-whistlin Dixie!

   As of mid-October, 2003, recent events are twofold in the ongoing lawsuit to have the Confederate memorial plaques restored to their rightful position in the Texas Supreme Court Building. First, the Court denied the Divisions Motion for Summary Judgment, and the Division has appealed the decision. Second, Texas Division Attorney Bill Kuhn has filed new pleadings in the lawsuit. In addition to asking that the plaques be restored, Kuhn is now asking that the offending parties who removed the plaques without proper authority be fined, incarcerated, and removed from office.

   In the first round of what may become a protracted fight, the Court ruled that it does not have the authority to force a state official perform any act. The Court also ruled that it was retaining jurisdiction over the case and denied the Texas Division attorneys Motion for Summary Judgment. In response to the ruling by the Court, Kuhn has filed a Motion for Reconsideration of the Court's ruling. Once the State has had an opportunity to reply to this motion, a hearing should soon follow.

   More importantly, however, the SCV lawsuit has recently been amended to add a sixth cause of action. The new cause of action asks that those who removed the plaques be fined, incarcerated, and/or removed from office. The reasoning behind the addition of the new cause of action is that the State has admitted that only the Texas Historical Commission has the authority to remove memorials, and the State has also admitted that it had the plaques removed without the permission of the Texas Historical Commission. The conduct of Governmental agencies, including the agency responsible for removing the plaques, is controlled by the Government Code, and the Government Code states that failure to abide by its terms is a violation of the Code. Violation of the Code by a state official is punishable by fine, incarceration and/or removal from office.

   This sixth cause of action strengthens the Texas Divisions position against the State and bring us closer to having the plaques restored to their rightful place in the Texas Supreme Court Building. It definitely sends the message to the States attorney that we ain't just a whistlin Dixie.

Steve von Roeder
Texas Division, SCV


The Adjutants Minutes

   Gentlemen, you missed a very good meeting....a quorum was raised and business was taken care of.
Six motions were made to take care of business at pertaining to the future of the Swamp Angels Camp # 2029. The camps flag and design was decided on as well as the choice for the camps properly attired "Swamp Angel" to best represent our camp.
Lt. Commander Rivers brought T-shirts with various designs and a choice was made for the camps T-shirt from these examples. Adj. Randy Billingsley brought a pair of slave handcuffs and a slave tag that was used to show ownership and gave a brief presentation on each. Commander Gillen took photos for future exhibit. Commander Gillen made reference to a very important point on the nominations of delegates for the upcoming State and National Conventions.
Mrs. Judith Gillen spoke on the OCR report and their upcoming Chartering ceremony.
   The Swamp Angels Chartering Ceremony is getting closer and members need to be there to be sworn in. A grand event that will make history for the Swamp there for some great photo well as good food and friendship.
Make plans for attending the next meeting...and do plan on making the Chartering Ceremony as well.

Adjutant Randy Billingsley


The Spaights Angels

Miasma of Civil War Days

   One of the great bugaboos of Civil War days is miasma. No one knew what miasma was. It was defined as a noxious effluvium which meant simply poisonous vapors. This something, which one could neither see, smell, feel, taste, hear, nor weigh, was supposed to be laden with diseases. It was considered particularly dangerous after sundown, and to open a window at night was considered an invitation to a sickbed. Incidentally, this fear still exists in some rural sections of Europe, and has given birth to the bon mot that the country air is so pure because the farmers never open their windows.

   Indirectly this fear of miasma led to a radical and beneficial change in Northern hospital practice. After the battle of Antietam in September, 1862, one of the Union Army hospitals became so crowded that the overflow of wounded had to be put into tents. Soon an observant attending physician noticed to his amazement that the outdoor patients recovered faster than those inside, in spite of the larger amounts of miasma they were supposed to inhale. After reporting this phenomenon to his superiors he received permission to keep the windows open in the hospital wards, if he could get away with it. But when he tried to put his idea into effect, he had a riot on his hands. The patients accused him of trying to kill them so that he would have room for incoming patients, and they shut the windows as fast as he opened them. He then used a clever stratagem to put his scheme across. One evening he brought an incense burner into one of the sickrooms, explaining to the soldiers that its fumes would kill all miasma, even that which crept in through the closed windows. This made sense to them, and the burning was started. But the doctor had slyly put some asafetida into the burner, and in no time the ward was a coughing and swearing mass of patients, who fell over themselves to open the windows to get some fresh air. Night after night the young doctor lit his asafetida- loaded burner, and just as regularly the windows flew open. As time passed, the Northern physicians became more and more ventilation conscious. A special committee of the AMA in 1864 considered ventilation the great lesson of the war. The air had to be kept clean, the report declared, because it was full of corpuscles which carried gangrene to every wound on which they settled.

   The committee got on firmer ground, however, when it concluded that the air was also polluted by expectorations and contact with urine or feces. This led to greater cleanliness, and finally to the use of antiseptics, although that word was not yet in general use. Iodine, and bromine were sprayed into the air of some hospital rooms as disinfectants. Carbolic acid chlorine, charcoal, sodium hypo-chlorite, and potassium permanganate also were freely used, but mostly as deodorants. Curiously, while latrines, bedpans, floors, and tables were disinfected in this manner, this did not apply to medical instruments, probably because this would have impeded the formation of the laudable pus on which recovery from wounds was believed to depend.

   I am looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting.

God loves the Roses

Judith Gillen



1. Abraham Lincoln said what is written in The Picket Line.

2. If you want to tell your loved one Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday then let me know. I would be more than happy to write it here.


from Judy

3. Remember that the Dayton Public Library will now except book donations from our camp. These books must promote the truth about the South and the Confederacy. On the inside cover of every book will be printed the name of the person donating the book and, their camp name and number or OCR chapter name and number. Anyone outside the Swamp Angels camp and Spaights Angels chapter may also donate. All books must clear through Commander Gillen first and then the Head Librarian before being excepted by the library.

4. Here are the directions to the chartering ceremony at the Sam Houston Research Center and Library in case you do not know where it is located.

From Conroe: Take 321 south. Turn (left) east on Hwy 90 in Dayton. Then go through Liberty to the last red light on the east side.

From Hardin: Go west on 146 and take FM-1011 which will only turn to your right.

From Baytown: Take Hwy 146 north. It joins Hwy 90 in Dayton and goes east through Liberty. Turn left at the last red light (146 bypass).

From Beaumont: Come west on Hwy 90 until just outside the east side of Liberty.

From the West: Take Hwy 90 through liberty to the last red light on the east side. Turn left. That is the 146 bypass.

   On the east side of Liberty take the Hwy 146 bypass east. You will actually be turning north. It Ts off at Hwy 146 business. Turn right and go about half a mile. Turn north (left) on CR-1011. There will be a Historical Marker there. At the top of the hill look for big white buildings on your right. Turn right through the black iron gates. Please sign in at the Librarys main door. You will be told where to go from there. Also, please remember to sign our guest list. Call the Library at (936) 336-8821 if you have any problems or e-mail me at .