The Angel's Dispatch
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First Victory for the Swamp Angels

Small Victories

   Many of the battles that the SCV fight are battles where some cannot be called battles at all, but wars. Most of these battles are quick skirmishes and even more are barely even a disturbance. No matter how large or small a battle, or disturbance is, a win is still a win. Even the smallest win can mean a great deal to a camp that has not even been chartered yet. This is the case with the Swamp Angels Camp 2029 of Liberty County, Texas. 

   A school in Liberty County had put in its student handbook under the dress code; Clothing with slogans or pictures advocating violence, racial or religious intolerance, or of a sexual nature (such as the confederate flag, swastikas, etc.) are not exceptable school attire. In this handbook the school was not only listing out Confederate flag as a racist symbol but they listed it with and even before the swastika.

   The defense of our beloved flag started when an e-mail was to the High School Principal on August 16, 2003. The Principal ignored the e-mail for about 10 weeks. With Commander Westmorelands camp being involved in their own battle, a local camp called The Swamp Angels, were asked to take the fight. Commander Vernon Gillen spent two days calling and even visiting the School Superintendent about calling our flag a racist symbol. It was a slap in the face to our ancestors that fought and died for the Confederate flag. It ended with the High School Principal writing a letter to the Sons of Confederate Veterans which was handed to Commander Gillen. In this letter the High School Principal, had the page from the dress code rewritten without the words Confederate flag being used as a hate or racist symbol. The two words had been completely removed from the handbook. There was also a letter from the High School Principal stating that this is what she would recommend to the school board next year. It is now up to the school board to remove the words, Confederate flag, from the Student Handbooks and keep it out.

   This War is not yet won until we see what the school board does next Fall but it was still a small victory. And as small as that victory was it still meant a great deal to a small, unchartered SCV camp named The Swamp Angels. The Swamp Angels' camp received its charter on November 15, 2003 with a small victory already under its belt.

Look out Texas. The Swamp Angels are back.

August 15, 2004
     Yesterday I received a copy of the Dayton High School Student's Handbook. Although the students still cannot wear the Confederate flag on their clothes the words Confederate Flag have been removed from the dress code as a hate symbol. The removal of the words Confederate Flag as hate symbols is what we wanted and therefore I consider this a win. However, the school board can put it back any time so this will need to be checked every year. Good job Swamp Angels.
Commander Vernon Gillen