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The Chartering of the Swamp Angels & Spaight's Angels

Chartering Another Texas Camp

    The Swamp Angels SCV camp #2029 and Spaights Angels OCR Chapter #32 Chartering Ceremony was on November 15th. The long and drawn out process of getting chartered is finally over. The ceremony would surely be the talk of the SCV in Texas for a long time.

    The Swamp Angels and Spaights Angels showed up at 8:00 a.m. to get things ready. There was a lot of work to do. Everything was ready by time the guest started showing up at around 10:15. Those that came were greeted with a friendly atmosphere. Everything had been well organized.

    Pastor Devries of the Anderson camp opened the ceremony in prayer. Adjutant Randy Billingsley of the Swamp Angels then led everyone in the pledges. Then Pastor Devries gave a short message on the importance of the SCV and our cause. Divisional Commander Steve Von Roeder gave a short speech and then presented Commander Vernon Gillen of the Swamp Angels with their charter. The charter members then came up and signed their names to the charter certificate.

    When the signing was done Gulf Coast Brigade Commander Jim Westmoreland swore in the new SCV members of the Swamp Angels camp. After that he swore in the camps officers. It was something that the men had been looking forward to for a long time.

    Texas OCR Director, Eileen Lehmberg then came up front. She had the members of the Spaights Angels stand to be sworn in. As they faced the crowd she swore them in. Then she passed out their certificates, pink for the women and gray for the men.

    When that was over Lieutenant Commander Gene Rivers of the Swamp Angels spoke to the crowd. He asked those that were to be charter to stand and give their Confederate ancestors name, rank, and unit they fought with. It was a very moving part of the ceremony. Then he mentioned something about a birthday boy. After asking a red faced Commander Gillen to stand he presented an officers medal (Commander) and pined it to his Commanders shirt. It was something that some of the men and Commander Gillens wife had been planning for a few months.

    After that Pastor Devries closed the ceremony in prayer. Then it was time to taste the food and enjoy each others company. Color Sergeant Kenny Carouthers had made plenty of sliced bar-b-q sandwiches for everyone. They were good and the meat was so tender that it almost melted in your mouth. There were pickles, peppers, and other things that went with the bar-b-q. Adjutant Billingsleys wife, Connie, made 5 gallons of potato salad which complimented the bar-b-q perfectly. Cookies, brownies and other sweets were there for the guest. But, the most magnificent thing there was the cake.

    A large white lace table cloth covered almost the entire, long, hard wood table. The cake sat in the middle with small plastic (period plastic though) Yankee and Confederate soldiers on each side as if they were going into battle. The camp flag was painted on the top of the cake in colorful icing. The cake itself was eighteen inches from front to back, two feet wide and about three to four inches thick. The cake was a two layer with a strawberry filling that filled the area between the layers.

    Everyone there had a great time and anyone that did not attend missed out on the event of the year for the Texas Division. Everything was perfect. With all of the clouds above, a cool breeze blew all day. The Rain even held off until the cleanup was finished.

    The Texas Division now has a new SCV camp in Dayton, The Swamp Angels Camp #2029. The Texas Society of the Order of the Confederate Rose has a new chapter, The Spaights Angels Chapter #32. It is not very often that a SCV camp and OCR chapter are chartered at the same ceremony but, it was done this day.