The Angel's Dispatch
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May 2003

The Commanders Thoughts

   This is our camps first newsletter and we do not even have our charter yet. I have many ideas for this newsletter and I want to hear about yours. For now I can print these in color but as we get more members it will become more economic to Xerox the newsletters. That will have to be done in black.

   I want to start having in this newsletter, some input from the camp officers. I will need your input e-mailed or mailed to me by the first Saturday of every month. This will give me one week to put it together and in some cases, mail it out in time for others to read it before the next meeting. I do not have a scanner so anything mailed to me will not be able to be sent by e-mail. I use Microsoft Works Word Processor. If anything else I might have to mail out the newsletters to you all. That will only cost $2.22 each month for six of you. Thats not bad for once a month. There also might be some of you that do not have Microsoft Works Word Processor and will not be able to open this attachments. This newsletter will be a test of that.

   Adjutant Matthew Morones will also need to print out a copy of every newsletter starting with this one. This will go in the files for next years newsletter competition. At the state convention we will enter the newsletter, scrapbook, and Distinguished Camp Award competitions. This will take team work. We will need a Scrapbook Committee. This may be one man that can take and collect pictures throughout the year and put them in a scrapbook. The scrapbook should tell a story of everything we did that year. Please let me know if you are interested in this.

   I will show the application for the Distinguished Camp Award at the next meeting. We get points for just about anything one of our members does. These points are added up to decide if we get the award or not. Do not think that we are to small to win this award. We, our camp will be judged according to our membership. Do you go to another camp over 50 miles from Liberty now and then? We get points for that. Do you speak at other camps? We get points for that as well. We get points for how fast we grew in that year, how many presentations we have at our meetings and even for celebrating Confederate Memorial Day next year.

   I hope to see you all at the next meeting on the 17th. If you ever have any questions then just e-mail me at .

Respectfully submitted,

Commander Vernon Gillen