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October 2004

The Commander’s Thoughts

     Hello gentlemen. We are entering upon that time of the year where our camp will be planning many things just for the next few months. The Swamp Angels and Spaight’s Angels will be meeting at Randy and Connie Billingsley’s ranch for Family Day, one of the three get-togethers that we have been working on. Let one of the officers know if you want to go. We will be working out some type of carpool to help as many as we can to go.

     In November we will be holding our camp officer’s elections. If you are not at that meeting (November 13th) then you cannot vote. Anyone that wishes to hold an office needs to contact the Election Committee Chairman Sam Shurtleff at (713) 824-4574 or .

     I know that many of you work but we need men willing to help run this camp. I need at least four offices filled an only two men have offered their time. We have 18 members now with one more joining at the October meeting. Most offices do not require that you make every meeting but they still MUST be filled. This is your camp and now your camp needs you.

     A few months back we agreed that at Christmas time most of us are to busy to be going to another Christmas party. Therefore we voted not to have Camp Christmas parties. However, we will be having a Lee/Jackson Banquet in January where I hope to incorporate some Christmas Party ideas into our Lee/Jackson Banquet. This banquet promises to be a bit different from other Lee/Jackson Banquets which will be held all over the country in January.

     Of course there will be a catered meal, a speaker, and someone taking pictures. But, some of the ideas I will be bringing up at the next meeting will be (1) having a silent auction, (2) medals and awards will be passed out, maybe even by other camps there, (3) and I will ask that everyone that comes to bring a small and cheap stuffed animal for our OCR chapter, the Spaight’s Angels. There will be other ideas brought up by others as well. Come to our next meeting (next Saturday evening) and bring some of your ideas. This banquet will not be a boring one.

     I do have some real good news for our camp. As I have already mentioned, we will be hosting a Lee/Jackson Banquet on January 15th. That’s only three months away. The good news is that our Commander-in-Chief, Deene Sweeney will be our guest speaker that night. This is like having the president of the United States coming to our banquet. This is very big for our camp gentlemen but I cannot do it by myself. I had a lot of help when planning our chartering ceremony for last November but this is a lot bigger than that. Unlike the chartering ceremony, we will not need so many workers as the OCR will be doing much of it and no one will be working during the banquet except your Commander and first Lieutenant Commander. I will need help in the form of men and officers that can help in the planning and execution of any plans. This can help our camp to look even better than we already do or it can ruin our name; depending on how many volunteers there are. This is your camp so if you can help then at least come to the next few meetings to help in the planning.

     We will be doing most of the planning at the next meeting on October 9th. Invitations need to be sent out as soon as possible before those invited can make other plans. Remember that other camps in this area will be having their own banquets so we need to get those invitations (by e0mail) out there as quick as we can. This means that many things need to be decided on. If you want to be a part of this then you will need to be at our next meeting. Remember that there will be Lee/Jackson Banquets all over the country during January so we HAVE TO send out invitations to our banquet right after the next meeting.

     Mister Butch Giles joined our camp at the August meeting and, like I said above, another man is joining at our October meeting. His wife is even talking to Judy about joining the Spaight’s Angels. This new man will give us 19 members. Our camp may be growing slow but, we are actually growing faster than most other camps. We are not doing bad at all and I am constantly getting compliments on our camp from Brigade and Divisional officers. Even our Commander-in-Chief, Denne Sweeney, has complimented our camp. The Swamp Angels are doing good work and everyone knows it.

     But like I mentioned above, in order to continue that good work, I need officers. Please e-mail me at swamp with any questions.

Commander Vernon Gillen

Picket Duty

Old times here are now forgotten

     Not long ago, one could find the familiar sight of the Confederate battle flag flying over Southern Utah, an object that has since completely disappeared from our skies. As a young boy, I could find the flag flying everywhere from McDonald's to the post office, but now I can no longer find a flagpole in town daring to fly the once popular "Southern Cross."

     It's not just the flagpoles playing hands off, many of our local schools have enacted rules barring any display of the battle flag in any way. What an unfortunate loss for Utah's Dixie.

     Awhile back, in another place called Dixie, a barbecue restaurant owner was issued a fine of $500 per day for flying the Southern banner over his own establishment. I suppose the city council of Lexington, South Carolina, doesn't whistle Dixie anymore. They weren't alone though - the Sam's Club division of Wal-Mart soon decided to pull the man's barbecue sauce from their shelves.

     And to think, the first Wal-Mart was in a Southern state.

     A national effort to completely remove this unique symbol of American heritage, and speak of it solely as an emblem of hate, has been very successful. Take for instance a recent decision by the NCAA to ban states still displaying the battle flag from hosting tournaments and championship games. Have we really escalated so far out of control with the political correctness that a Confederate battle flag flying at a Civil War monument would prompt such a response?

     Yes, amazingly that is the gripe, the flag of Dixie dares to fly at a Civil War veterans' monument in South Carolina. A gripe not much unlike that made over the eight sailors' bodies exhumed from the recently raised Confederate submarine, Hunley. Thanks to complaints like that from the NAACP, these eight sailors were denied any statehouse burial service, a service any other deceased sailor could expect to receive. But these men were different. They wore gray; and so the statehouse doors were closed - the very statehouse they died to defend.

     It seems that honoring your Confederate dead is about as in style as showing your Southern pride or rebel spirit. Just ask Dixie College; they changed their mascot's attire and his flag, and removed all other rebel banners to stave off any embarrassment.

     What kind of rebel goes out of his way to comply with that kind of political correctness? Not much of one, if you ask me. Well, they haven't removed the Confederate statue on campus yet, but I'm sure it won't be long until some offended student will prompt its removal as well.

     As a descendent of Southern and Confederate stock, I am saddened to see the political correctness of today defeating any display of the battle flag and likening anything with a Confederate connection to poison. Without question, the battle flag of the South should not be displayed as an emblem of hate. After all, that was not its original intent. But it should certainly still fly as a symbol of heritage, and especially flown in a place called "Dixie."

Lieutenant Commander Gene Rivers

The Adjutant’s Minutes

     Our last meeting opened at about 6:00 p.m. in prayer. The pledges were said and then we waited to have a quorum to vote. Many of the men that usually come to the meetings were out of town and some were working or had other reasons for not being there. At 6:30 there was still no quorum so the meeting was closed in prayer.

     The bad attendance at the meeting was a fluke that will happen now and then until we have more members. However, more of us still need to try to make the meetings. Having to work, being sick, the car is broke down, and many other reasons are good reasons for missing a meeting. But many in our camp, like in all organizations, join only to let others members do everything. The NAACP is an exception with about 40% of their membership being active members. Should we let them out-do us?

     The next meeting (October 9th) is very important as we need to vote on many things with our camp’s first Lee/Jackson Banquet. Our own Commander-in-Chief, Deene Sweeney, will be our guest speaker at this banquet. Out of thousands of camps having Lee/Jackson Banquets in the United States and there only being five Saturdays in January, we were blessed with Commander Sweeney’s agreeing to be our guest speaker. Please come to the meeting and help in the planning of this historical first banquet of the Swamp Angels and Spaight’s Angels.


The Front Line

Flag Removed from Riverwalk

Friday, September 17, 2004
By Sylvia Cooper | Staff Writer

     Augusta Mayor Bob Young ordered a Confederate flag removed from the flag display at Riverwalk Augusta on Wednesday. Charles Smith, the president of the Augusta Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, asked Mr. Young to remove the flag, according to a news release from the mayor's office.
"The decision was made in consultation with representatives of the Augusta Commission, the Augusta business community and the Augusta hospitality industry, all of whom support the action that was taken," Mr. Young stated in the news release.
     On Friday, a city of Augusta flag had been raised where a Confederate States Banner, the official Confederate flag from May 1, 1863, to March 4, 1865, once flew. Mr. Young declined to discuss the issue with The Augusta Chronicle, but Dr. Smith commended the mayor and commissioners.
     "The main thing is the mayor, commissioners and the NAACP want unity in the community, and we don't think the flag should be a stumbling block to bringing us together."
Dr. Smith said the decision to press for the flag's removal was not prompted by pressure from the South Carolina NAACP, which will hold its state convention in Augusta this fall.
"We need to make sure anytime citizens walk on the riverwalk and visit the Radisson Hotel, they won't be offended by anything that's there," Dr. Smith said.
     The convention will bring an estimated $1 million into the local economy, and Augusta Commissioner Bobby Hankerson said anything that hurts business and causes division can be done without.
     "I think there's a proper place for all that," he said. "I think in the museums."
     You can reach the writer of this article, Sylvia Cooper, at (706) 823-3228 or You can also reach the mayor at;

Mayor's Office Phone 706-821-1831
530 Greene St. Fax 706-821-1835
Room 806 mayoryoung@augustaga.govAugusta, Georgia 30911

For more information:


The Masonic Corner

1. The Masonic Home in Ft. Worth, will be holding it’s 105th anniversary at 10AM – 6PM. The home has advised that there may be a small re-enactment demonstration as well as living history camp set up. This is important as it is for the kids, and after all, they are our future. Contact Michael Dunagan at for more information.



1. If you want to tell your loved one Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday then let me know. I would be more than happy to write it here.

My Angel

Sometime early, in 1986

God showed me the expanse of his love.

He searched the Heavens over

To find one that would leave above.

He wasn’t looking long

When he heard an angel singing a hymn.

Then she said to God; “I’ll do it.”

“I’ll go and take care of him.”

Then on October 12th, 1986,

She became my wife; Judy.

I knew that she was special because,

I knew God sent her to me.

Happy anniversary Babe. I love you more today than I did yesterday and I’ll love you more tomorrow than I do today.


2. A true Southern hero needs our help. Our good friend and Southern Heritage Warrior, H.K. Edgerton has lost everything in his home in Asheville from the flooding from Hurricane Ivan.

     H.K., as you probably already know, is the Past President of the Asheville NAACP and has been one of our strongest voices in the Southern Heritage Movement for the past several years. He "Walked across Dixie" carrying a Confederate Flag and dressed in a Confederate Uniform in the hopes of bringing attention to the plight of the Preservation of Southern Heritage. H.K. has made an appearance and speech at just about every Southern Heritage Rally and has spoken in the defense of countless Southern Patriots who were unjustly wronged. If you'd like to help H.K., his mailing address is:

H.K. Edgerton; 5 Jane Street; Asheville, NC 28801