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June 2003

The Commanders Thoughts

   We are doing a great job as we start this camp. This is our second Camp Newsletter and we still do not even have our charter yet. The newsletter competition at the Texas State Convention runs from June to June of the next year. The Swamp Angels Camp will still have 12 months of newsletters to give them. No one will say that we sat back and waited for our charter before we started doing anything. We will be known as the camp that started pushing onward from the word Go. Let the others sit back and wait. We will not. Like the original Swamp Angels of Spaights Battalion, Companies A and F; we will show the others how it is done. Beware Yankees. The Swamp Angels are back in Texas.

   When your membership applications have gone through the channels and you are a registered member, you will start getting the Confederate Veteran magazine 6 times a year. This magazine is packed full of information about the battles that we in the SCV are fighting. It has a section with pictures that are sent in by camps. Another section has a list of new members that have joined the SCV in the previous two months. There are also stories about Confederate soldiers in the War.

   Some people think that their heritage is important but our heritage and history should be erased. Trust me. If we do not fight back right now then some day it will be against the law to muster in SCV meetings or to even own a Confederate flag. The SCV itself will be outlawed. Your ancestors headstones and markers will be smashed and the pieces removed. In only a few years the grass will cover anything showing that your ancestors grave was even there. Do you want this? Do what you can, anything you can; just at least do something. What happens in the future; whether or not we even have a future depend on what you do right now.

   This is why we need to actively and aggressively recruit for the SCV. Every time a man joins a camp, weather it is our camp or another, he becomes another member that helps to pay an attorney to fight our battles in todays court systems. The NAACP already outnumbers us 9 to 1, and our lack of money is the main cause for them winning so many battles. On the other hand we are winning some major battles.

   A law was recently passed in Texas that protects any Confederate statue, plaque and other things that are already set in place. We may have a hard time trying to get a statue or plaque set up but at least the ones we have now are protected. Evidentially; Georgia did not have this law to protect their state flag. We did not have the law in time to protect our plaques in Austin. Only a few states have this law right now. Thank God we are one of those states.

   Those of you that made the last meeting know that Kenny Carouthers is now our Color Sergeant. In order to reduce some of the load that I had I asked him to take the office. He excepted. He will now be the one that takes care of the flags, brings them to the meetings and leads us in the pledges at all of our meetings. I want to thank Kenny for doing this as it allowed me to work on other issues.

   As I have mentioned to you before, after we get our charter, my wife will be wanting to get with your wives, daughters, girlfriends, and mothers about starting the (OCR) Order of the Confederate Rose. This OCR Chapter will be named Spaights Angels in honor of us, the men of the Swamp Angels SCV Camp. The OCR is, in many ways, our camps backbone. They will raise more money for our camp than we ever could ever raise. There are so many ways that the OCR helps the SCV camp.

   I have no problem with our women coming to our SCV meetings. In fact, the women of the Spaights Angels, OCR Chapter need to know what is going on. As a nonprofit organization, our meetings are open to the public anyway. The only thing is that they cannot vote on our issues just as we cannot vote on their issues at their meetings. Starting with our next meeting, ask your women to start coming to our meetings if they can. The SCV camp and OCR chapter are a family that does almost everything together. Later in this newsletter, my wife will have written an article for your women to read. Please ask them to read it. My wife will continue to write an article in this newsletter until they have their elections and decide on who should continue to write their article.

   Finally, I want to thank you all for the many anonymous donations. We have all three flags, two flagpoles, a spearhead (or what ever it is called) for one pole, and cash in the Treasury. The nylon and rayon flags will do just fine until we can get period correct ones. This takes time and money. The cash that was donated will help a lot. One flag still needs a pole and one pole is to short allowing the flag to lay on the ground. This will all be taken care of in time. I mentioned at our first meeting that our camp would start off by working from our donations and you came through. Thank you Swamp Angels. I am so proud to be Commander of such a great bunch of men. You are not just members of the Swamp Angels Camp. You are Swamp Angels.

Respectfully submitted,

Commander Vernon Gillen


Picket Duty

Confederate Humor:
The Battle of Stone Mountain in Georgia

   It is little known that Sherman, when arriving at the front to see what was holding up his march to the sea, found a Confederate on top of Stone Mountain waving signal flags and hurling curses at the enemy
below. He immediately ordered his adjutant to sent his best man up that mountain to "throw that Reb off of it."
Up went Sgt. McGurk, an 8'-2" Irishman, after "the reb." After a slight lull in the signaling, a loud "thump" was heard at the base of the mountain. There laid McGurk, never to move an inch more to the sea. Sherman then ordered the best 10 men in the regiment to clear that "no good murdering, signaling and shouting Reb" off of 'his" mountain.
Up went the 10 Yankees, armed with swords, bayonets, revolvers and rifles. Again the signaling and shouting paused. A few minutes later, another 10 blue clothed Yankees bounced one by one down the mountain. Never would they taste the salt of the ocean.
Well Sherman was really steamed! He then sent 150 handpicked soldiers up the mountain. This time they took an howitzer with them in addition to every small arm available. The signaling hardly paused before the figures of 149 troopers were seen to be caroming down from the mountain. The 150th soldier limped back down the mountain, bloodied, weak and near to breathing his last. Sherman rushed over to him, dismounted, and put his ear to the soldier's mouth to catch his words.
The soldiers words were " Go around the mountain, General, it's a trap. There are two of them up there!" A seldom told story about the Battle of Stone Mountain in Georgia as found in the July 1865 issue of Reader's Digest.

Lieutenant Commander Fulton Rivers


The Adjutants Minutes

   The Meeting occurred on April 27, 2003 at the private residence of Mr. Vernon Gillen located at 312-A, Larson, Dayton, Liberty County, Texas, and commenced formally at 12:40 p.m. The meeting was conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

   The meeting opened with a reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flags of the United States, State of Texas, and Confederacy. There also was a prayer conduced by Mr. Vernon Gillen.

   Mr. Gillen opened the initial order of business which included an overview of the active local camps, the impending disbandment and chartering of others, and SCV hierarchy. He then outlined the minimum requirements and fees for membership and also the duties of Camp Officers. He further addressed the upcoming convention on June 7, 2003.

   The next order of business addressed the election term for officers. Following a unanimous vote, the election term of office was chosen to be two (2) years. Permanent elections will be done in November. A nominating committee will be created before the next election in November.

   The next order of business addresses the election of officers. All officers were elected via a unanimous vote. The officers and their posts are as follows:

Commander: Mr. Vernon D. Gillen

Lt. Commander: Mr. Fulton Gene Rivers

Adjutant: Mr. Matthew Taylor Morones, Esq.

Chaplain: Mr. LaMont E. Pearce

   The next order of business addressed the geographic area that the Camp is to cover. Several suggestions for the area included the Cities of Dayton and Liberty. After a unanimous vote, the spatial area that the future Camp will cover includes all of Liberty County.

   The next order of business addressed the Camp name. The suggestions for Camp name included:

3rd Lt. Martin Luther Shofner

Pvt. Jessie Burton Gillen

Swamp Angels

   After a lively debate, and vote, Swamp Angels was chosen to be the name of the fledgling camp. The Swamp Angels is expected to be the 70th Camp in Texas.

   The next order of business addressed the completion of the Camp Constitution.

   The next order of business addressed the completion of the Charter Application.

   The next order of business addressed the date and time of future meetings. All future meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at Noon. When possible, all meetings will be held at the Sam Houston Research Center and Library in Liberty, Texas.

   The meeting closed with a prayer conducted by Commander Gillen.

   Founding Members in attendance:

Mr. Vernon D. Gillen

Mr. Kenneth Caroutheras

Mr. Fulton Gene Rivers

Mr. LaMont E. Pearce

Mr. Matthew Taylor Morones, Esq.

Mr. Darren D. Gillen

Adjutant Matthew Morones


Spaights Angels; OCR

Welcome Newcomers.

   This article is a little explanation about the OCR and some of the things we do.

   The Order of The Confederate Rose was based on a woman in Washington D.C. Her name was Rose ONeil Greenhow. She was a Confederate spy and she would send messages to the Rebels in her hair and under her bonnet. She was discovered and the Federals told her that she had to leave the city. She went to England to raise funds for the Confederates cause. When she raised enough money, she sewed the gold in the hem of her skirts. When the ship she was on got close to the Southern coast, the Union Navy sunk the ship. She drowned because of the gold in her skirt.

   The OCR was established in 1992, and is the support organization for the SCV camp.

   Here are some of the things that we do:

1. Raise funds to help the SCV camp.

2. Raise funds for scholarship to help send one of our young people to college that is in our camp.

3. To provide meals for any dinner that the SCV might want to have.

4. Support Children Protective Services by donating toys, bears, diapers, blankets, etc.

   We also do other activities as well. Here are some ways we earn money:

1. Baked sales.

2. Make arts and crafts to sell, etc.

   When the SCV recruits at the Ole Time Days at Dayton and Liberty Jubilee. We can have a table to sell our items and recruit for the OCR. We can educate the public about the SCV and explain what the women did during the Civil War to help support the men at war.

   We are sometimes called The Black Rose. The Black Rose dressed in period clothing for mourning, basic black. We attend ceremonies at cemeteries to honor the dead Confederate soldiers and place rose petals on the grave.

   This OCR Chapter, Spaights Angels, was named after the local SCV camp, Swamps Angels.

   I want to encourage all of the wives, daughter, girlfriends, mothers, etc. of the Swamps Angels SCV Camp to come and meet the other ladies to have fellowship and swap ideas on what we would like to do as we are learning more about the OCR.

   The ultimate goal is to join the OCR. Both men and women may join the OCR. They do not have to have a Confederate ancestor.

   We also have the OCR Legacy which are little girls or boys under the age of ten.

   The OCR is made up of life members, Roses, and the Legacy.

   I am looking forward to meeting you ladies at the July SCV meeting but in the meantime feel free to come to the SCV meeting June 14. I will try to attend the June meeting.

   My e-mail address is:, and my phone number is 936-257-1982.

Judith Gillen


The Front Line

   In The Front Line I will be letting you know of some news that you might not know about.

   I get most of this information from Divisional 3rd. Lieutenant Commander Gary Whitfield, __NA_____ and Gulf Coast Brigade Commander Westmoreland, ___NA___ . Send them your e-mail address if you want this information to come to you.

March 4, 2003

Executive Order: Preserve America

Remarks by Mrs. Bush for the National Association of Counties

   By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Historic Preservation Act (16 U.S.C. 470 et seq.) (NHPA) and the
National Environmental Policy Act (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.), it is hereby ordered:

Section 1. Statement of Policy. It is the policy of the Federal Government to provide leadership in preserving America's heritage by actively advancing the protection, enhancement, and contemporary use of the historic properties owned by the Federal Government, and by promoting intergovernmental cooperation and partnerships for the preservation and use of historic properties. The Federal Government shall recognize and manage the historic properties in its ownership as assets that can support department and agency missions while contributing to the vitality and economic well-being of the Nation's communities and fostering a broader appreciation for the development of the United States and its underlying values. Where consistent with executive branch department and agency missions, governing law, applicable preservation standards, and where appropriate, executive branch departments and agencies ("agency" or "agencies") shall advance this policy through the protection and continued use of the historic properties owned by the Federal Government, and by pursuing partnerships with State and local governments, Indian tribes, and the private sector to promote the preservation of the unique cultural heritage of communities and of the Nation and to realize the economic benefit that these properties can provide. Agencies shall maximize efforts to integrate the policies, procedures, and practices of the NHPA and this order into their program activities in order to efficiently and effectively advance historic preservation objectives in the pursuit of their missions.

   Maybe we should be asking the First Lady why this does not seem to apply to the Texas Supreme Court Building where her HUSBAND allowed the Confederate Plaques to be removed???


Save the SCV; Enemy or Not

   In our last meeting we talked about another group that opposes us and our peaceful wishes to honor our ancestors and protect our Southern history and heritage. We are not a hate group. All of our intentions are peaceful and yet some people want to hate us. They use the excuse that we carry a Confederate flag and therefore we must be a part of that K something K organization. They do not know the truth and will not try to learn the truth either. They only want someone to hate. You cannot talk to these people. Its best just to smile and walk away if you can. Continuing to argue with them makes you look as ignorant as them. After all. You know the truth. You are the educated one.

   Now we find out that a few men in the SCV have been speaking against our beloved South. They have been taking the side of our enemies and still call themselves SCV members and officers in good standing. Then they have the nerve to start an organization that they named, Save the SCV. How are they saving the SCV if they are taking the enemys side and speaking against us?

   We are fighting hard to form this camp; an SCV camp. Do not let this change your mind about joining the SCV. This has happened before and it will happen again. It always passes and the SCV continues stronger than before. As long as the SCV exist there will be those that will oppose us and Traitors that will betray us. Betrayal has been part of life since Cain killed Able. However; this is an issue that we need to pay close attention to. I will try to learn more about this and keep you informed. If you learn anything about something that is of interest to the SCV or our camp then please bring it up at a meeting.


Upcoming Confederate Holidays

June 3: President Jefferson Davis was born on this date in 1808.

June 14: Flag Day. If you own a Confederate flag then fly it at you home or business on this day. Be proud of your heritage and let others know that you are proud.

June 20: Fathers Day. As we honor our fathers and grandfathers remember, your ancestors that fought that invading force from the North. As you pray before eating the feast you cooked remember the many days they had to go without eating. Most of all remember the SCV and the Swamp Angels camp in your prayers.


Sounding Off

   I was thinking of adding a section where any of our camp members, or OCR chapter members could say what ever he or she wanted. Then the words Sound Off flashed through my mind as I remembered counting off in ranks at a reenactment. Use this section for any ideas you might have about something or if you want to complain about something. Just e-mail what you want to say to . So, here are the rules as we try this out.

1. What you say must concern the SCV, OCR, or other Southern heritage issues.

2. Keep the language clean and simple. Our children should be able to read it.

3. Say what you want in no more than a few paragraphs. No five page paragraphs please.

4. I will put your name at the end of your message only if you have done it. You may remain anonymous.

5. Only our SCV camp and OCR chapter may write anything here.



#1. I must mail out these newsletters by the first Saturday of each month so that you can get them before the camp meeting. Therefore I must have all information that is to be added in the newsletter by the Wednesday before the first Saturday of the month. Those with e-mail that can open Microsoft Word Processor will get your newsletters by e-mail. This saves money on stamps and paper.

#2. Remember that the next meeting on June 14th will start at 11:00 a.m. We agreed to do this for this meeting only because of the amount of business that we need to take care of.

#3. A new meeting place has been located in Dayton. The Cow Palace Restaurant is located about half a mile north of Dayton on Hwy 321. The next meeting is still on for June 14th at 11:00 a.m. at the Same Houston Research Center, the same place as last month. I will have all of the details about the Cow Palace then. This is an important issue that we will need to vote on so try to make this meeting.