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June 2005

The Commander’s Thoughts

     William Giles came to the last meeting so I was able to swear him in. This is one of the greatest pleasures of being a Camp Commander. Mr. Giles joined many months ago but has been very busy. He was only now able to make a meeting to be sworn in. He and I had a long talk. I am sure he will be a valuable member of the camp.

     If you missed the last meeting then you missed the chance to vote on a few amendments to our Camp Constitution. You can read about them in The Adjutant’s Minutes.

     At the end of the July meeting I will be turning over commander of the camp to 1st. Lieutenant Commander Samuel (Sam) Shurtleff. Judy and I will be moving to central Texas. Judy will remain here as I get the utilities hooked up. I will be visiting our camp meetings now and then. I am fully confident in Sam’s ability to take this camp on to more and better things.

     Since I am the camp’s newsletter Editor this means that there may not be a newsletter for a while as Sam settles into his new position. He might ask one of you to take over the Editor’s position. I will keep the web site alive for a while but someone that has MSN really needs to take over it. Otherwise the newsletters will have to be mailed out to all members which will cost a lot. Not having a camp newsletter takes points away for the camp towards the 4-star Camp Award and the Distinguished Camp Award.

     As many of you know, a few months back a few men, the Past Commander-in-Chiefs (PCiC), tried to take over the SCV. Thanks to thousands of hard working and honorable men like you the SCV, your SCV was saved. The attempted Take Over failed. The PCiC were able to do this because of a clause in the National Constitution permitted ALL of the PCiC’s to be on the General Executive Council. This was changed at the Emergency Convention a couple of months ago in which over 95% of the SCV members there voted to limit the PCiC’s on the General Executive Council to only three. Now this type of treason against the SCV can never happen again.

     Again, as some of you know, our own Texas Divisional officers went against the wishes of over 80 % of the Texas SCV members and would not stand against the attempted Take Over. Well, they saw the writing on the wall. Next Saturday morning (June 7th) all of the Texas Divisional officers except for Strybos and Manning will leave us standing (again) as they walk out of the meeting. This is fine with me because most of them were going to be voted out of office Saturday anyway. There are many good men standing up to fill those offices.

     At our last meeting you voted for the camp delegates to just vote our conscience at the convention. This was a good move because no one saw this coming and there would be no way of know who all is running for what office. I am keeping Delegate Randy Billingsley and Alternant Delegate Sam Shurtlett informed as to what ever I learn about who is running for what office. The SCV, National and Texas Division, is save and back in the hands of the members.

     There will be a report on the convention at the next meeting on July 9th. I hope to see many of you there.

Commander Vernon Gillen

The Adjutant’s Minutes

     The camp meeting went well. With only two men at the meeting a lot of work was completed and in about 40 minutes. The meeting was opened in prayer and the pledges were said. The first order of business was Commander Gillen swearing in Mr. Giles as a member of the SCV.

     Then the business turned to three amendments to the Swamp Angels’ Camp Constitution. All three amendments passed. In Amendment 1 the annual meeting month was changed from December to November. This is when the camp will hold it’s camp elections.

     In Amendment 2 we would hold a Confederate Memorial Day in April on a date set by the Commander. This was changed to holding Confederate Memorial Day on the last Saturday of April. Our camp has already voted months ago to call this Swamp Angels’ Day. By passing this some of the weight is taken off of the Commander’s soldiers. He will not have to choose a date. It has now been chosen for him and on a date in which the camp has already deemed as Swamp Angels’ Day.

     In Amendment 3 a Quartermaster, if we had one, would hold up to $100.00 in cash. There is no need for the Quartermaster to have that much cash on hand since his job would basically be to buy cookies for the meetings. Therefore this was changed so that the Quartermaster, when we get one, would only have up to $25.00 of cash on hand.

     Then we discussed the amendments that the delegates would be voting on at the state convention. The Divisional officers were planning to walk out of the convention leaving offices to be filled. A motion was made and seconded that, with all that was going on the delegates would vote their conscience. It passed.

     The meeting was closed in prayer.

Adjutant Samuel Shurtleff


The Front Line

     Here is another victory for the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Press Release

May 4. 2005

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Columbia, Tennessee


     Kudos to the United Daughters of the Confederacy for their perseverance and tenacity in pursuing their victorious court appeal against Vanderbilt University. Their victory against Vanderbilt was symbolic of the fight being waged across the South to preserve Southern heritage against an intractable and well-financed foe.

     Over 50 years ago, the UDC generously donated $50,000 to the former George Peabody College for Teachers to construct a residence hall to be forever called Confederate Memorial Hall. But, “forever” is a relative term. To Vanderbilt Chancellor E. Gordon Gee, forever ended two years ago when the proper amount of pressure was brought on his administration by radical student groups and liberal faculty members such as Marxist Professor Dr. Jonathan Farley. In today’s fascist educational environment, terms such as diversity and multi-culturalism trump honorably executed contracts. It trumps student polls actually supporting the continuation of Confederate Memorial Hall. It overrides the history of both Vanderbilt and the State of Tennessee. It neglects the fact that the UDC made their generous donation in the Depression to help provide educational opportunities for Southern women.

     The action of the court has put Chancellor Gee’s plans on hold. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is proud to have been able to help finance the court fight. This was a fight worth fighting. The Sons of Confederate Veterans will be in all future heritage battles and will support all valid legal cases to the best of our financial ability. Vanderbilt rebuffed the generous donation of Confederate Memorial Hall by the UDC. It is now their decision whether to leave the Confederate designation on the building or pay off the UDC in today’s dollars. In today’s dollars, that money will go a long way in helping to preserve the true history of the South and the good name of the Confederate soldier and the reasons for which he fought. Either way, the UDC has won a major victory and the SCV salutes our sister organization.

     The deletion of American and Southern history should be anathema to all Americans. Today was a small victory in a much larger battle.

Brag Bowling

National Press Officer

Sons of Confederate Veterans



1. If you want to tell your loved one Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday then let me know. I would be more than happy to write it here.

2. The Commander still has the nametag for Bill Giles and will have it at the next two meetings. After that everything will be turned over to Sam, your new Camp Commander. Bill, ask for it at the next meeting you come to.