The Angel's Dispatch
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September 2005

The Commander’s Thoughts

     At the August meeting I had the pleasure of swearing in another man. Mister Robert Scott Patrick of Deer Park is the 13th member of the Swamp Angels camp. There are also five other men that have been talking about joining our camp but have yet to make a meeting.

     I want to thank another new member, Mister James Jackson, also of Deer Park, for taking the office of Treasurer. Sam has resigned as Adjutant and Treasurer because he is working two jobs. I also want to thank Sam for serving the camp for the past few months.

     We started having a reduction of members showing up for meetings when we stopped having our meetings at the Cow Palace Restaurant on Saturday evenings. I thought that having our meetings in such a nice place would bring more of you into the meetings. Many of you asked that we start having the meetings in the mornings but, now that we are doing it, many of those men are still not coming.

     Our camp needs your help, the help that only you can give as a camp member. When would be the best time for you to make meetings? Keep in mind that we would have to be out of the room that we now hold our meetings in, by 3:00 p.m.. Would you prefer having our meetings back in a noisy restaurant? What about the day? Many camps hold their meetings at night and during the week. Please send your ideas to me at . It is my duty to find a place to hold the meetings but, I can do nothing if you do not let me know what is best for you. Also keep in mind that I cannot make everyone happy. What ever is decided may not be right for you.

     Because many of you live in the Baytown and Deer Park area, I am talking to Commander Ladd of the Wallisville Camp about having our meetings there, at the Heritage Park right on I-10. That is not Liberty County but it would be closer to most of you. They have their meetings on the first Saturday and hold ours on the second Saturday. We could meet in the library or in the school house. We would have to leave by 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. What do you think about this?

     I’ll put your ideas in the next newsletter under the Speak Out section. I’ll not add your name if you wish.

     Keep in mind that our camp is in need of men that will take an office. More than anything I need a 1st Lieutenant Commander and an Adjutant. Think about these and other offices that need to be filled. Our camp has 13 members and three men are holding 9 offices.

     A while back one of our men said something about our camp not doing anything. Well, first of all, we are doing things. Then I asked him to take an office and suddenly he did not have time. This is your camp gentlemen and you will only get out of it what you put into it. Your camp and I need your help.

Commander Vernon Gillen

The Adjutant’s Minutes

     Judith Gillen opened the August meeting in prayer. Commander Gillen led the members in the pledges and then gave the Treasurer’s report. He did this only because Treasurer Jackson had not yet picked up the Treasurer’s files and books.

     Then Commander Gillen swore in another new member into our camp, Compatriot Robert Scott Patrick. He makes 13 members that we now have in our camp.

     In the Old Business section Commander Gillen mentioned another cemetery ceremony to be held maybe next Spring in Daisatte, Texas. Then his wife, Judith, passed out the sacramental wine (grape juice) and we all toasted to our ancestors. This is something that we do at every meeting.

     Under New Business, Commander Gillen mentioned the upcoming Brigade Meeting to be held at the Price Daniel’s Mansion on the grounds of the Sam Houston Research Center in Liberty. This is where we held our chartering ceremony. The meeting will be on September 24th, A Saturday. It will start at about 8:00 a.m.. There will be many speakers.

     Our camp needs to have a camp fund raiser to raise some money for the camp. This was brought up and discussed for only a few minutes before being tabled. We need more members to come to the meeting so this can be discussed.

     Judith Gillen closed the meeting in prayer at 12:00 noon.

     I need to mention that your annual dues is due. You need to mail them to Commander Gillen at 312-A Larson, Dayton, Texas 77535. Make out your check or money orders out to The Swamp Angels Camp #2029.      Commander Gillen must receive your dues by October 25th in order to have it into IHQ by November 1st. Any dues payments that IHQ gets after November 1st will be charged a $5.00 late fee. There will be a $1.00 late fee for the Texas Division. Therefore, in order to keep any of these late fees from having to be paid, Commander Gillen needs your dues by October 25th. Any dues sent in that Commander cannot get it by October 25th will need to have $6.00 added to it. There is plenty of time.



1. Remember that your dues are due to Commander Gillen by October 25th. This is $20.00 for IHQ, $5.00 for the Texas Division, and $5.00 to the camp. Just make out your $30.00 check or money order to the Swamp Angels Camp #2029. Mail it to Commander Vernon Gillen, 312-A Larson, Dayton, Texas 77535.