The Angel's Dispatch
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August 2005

The Commander’s Thoughts

     Many things are going on that you need to know about. Our next meeting is on August 13th. We have had two new men join our camp in the past few months bringing us up to 13 members. Another man might be joining at the next meeting.

     On September 24th the Gulf Coast Brigade will be having it’s second meeting. The first was at the state convention. The next meeting will take place at the Price Daniel’s Mansion on the grounds of the Sam Houston Research Center and Library. Details are still being planned but it sounds like there will be a couple of speakers and maybe even a catered meal. This mansion is where our camp held it’s chartering ceremony. Commander Seale is trying to get every member in the G. C. Brigade involved so plan to come to this meeting. Everyone has a voice so do not think that you will just be sitting there unable to say anything.

     After the last meeting a woman talked to me about dedicating her ancestor’s grave in Daisetta. This is being planned for maybe this next spring. Her ancestor was also a Swamp Angel so I hope that many of you can make this ceremony.

     I have drawn up a certificate for all Swamp Angels and the Executive Committee has approved the use of it. This certificate will be for only those men that join our camp. Anyone that re-news their dues and every new man that joins our camp from now on will get it. Also, I have learned of three camps in Texas that have a camp oath that a new man swears to after giving the oath to join the SCV. With this in mind a Swamp Angels’ camp oath is being created as well. It is my hope that this oath and certificate will create a since of pride in all new members from now own. If you have any ideas on this then let me know.

     Remember that renewing your dues time is here. Dues are due from August 1st to November 1st. After November 1st you will be late and will need to pay the late fee, $5.00 for IHQ and $1.00 for the Texas Division. This means that IHQ must have your dues by November 1st, not me. Keep in mind that you need to send your dues into the camp (me) so we will have records of it and I must receive it by October 25th in order to get it in, in time.

     Our camp is going through a bank change right now. Therefore, write out your dues as a $30.00 check or money order to my wife, Judith Gillen. Do not write it out to me or the camp. This is so that we can cash it and send money orders to IHQ and the Texas Division while we have no checking account. Mail it to Commander Vernon Gillen, 312-A Larson, Dayton, Texas 77535. Everyone that pays their dues will be sent a $35.00 receipt showing that you paid your dues, along with your membership card. After the new account is started the financial records will be brought to the next two meetings in case anyone has any questions. I am sorry for this in convenience but problems came up that must be addressed immediately. It cannot wait until after all of the dues is collected.

     If you mail your dues straight to IHQ or the division you will only mess up everyone’s records. Someone did this last year and it was about January when the Texas Division asked me why some men had paid IHQ but not the division. It took another two months to settle the Division and our camp’s records. Some other previous records have not been properly kept but this has also been corrected.

     Keep in mind that if you do not pay your IHQ or state dues by November 1st it will cause you to be suspended from the SCV. This amendment was passed at the last State and National Conventions. Likewise, not paying the $5.00 camp dues can cause you to loose all rights in the camp such as voting. All of this can be saved by paying your $30.00 dues to the camp by October 25th which just barely gives me time to get it to IHQ and the Division by November 1st.

     Our camp is seriously needing money. This calls for a Fund Raiser in the very near future. This means that I need ideas and workers, not excuses. I know that some of you work and cannot not make the meetings. The gasoline prices do not help any either and you all live outside of Liberty County. I also know that many of you can make the meetings and one day a month is not asking to much. You joined this camp and now the camp needs you.

     I still need some officers. One of our new men has stepped up to take one office but there are still a few more that need to be filled. None of these offices is hard but they are needed.

     Finally, I would like to mention that Brigade Commander Henry Seale is wanting to form some new camps in the brigade. If you would like to form a camp closer to your home then Commander Seale and I would like to help you. I do not want our camp to loose any men but I look at it this way. If I loose one man that forms a camp then that new camp will get more men to join it, men that never would have come to Dayton. So, I loose one man but by starting a camp he gets more men to join the SCV. If you are interested then let me know.

Commander Vernon Gillen

The Adjutant’s Minutes

     The meeting opened in prayer at 11:10 a.m. on Saturday, July 9th. Commander Gillen helped another new member to fill out his application. Mister Robert Scott Patrick of Deer Park is our newest member.

     With no one else showing up for the meeting Commander Gillen dismissed the meeting in prayer at 11:30.


Speak Out

     Come on guys. If you want your camp to prosper then you will need to start making some meetings. No business can be conducted if no one is there.



Happy Birthday


Lamont Pearce and Bruce Rivers.