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The Angel's Dispatch


     "God ... please help the South or I'll have no future. Please bless the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans because they fight for my lawful rights as a Southerner. Without them I'll have no heritage. And help me God to grow up strong so I can join the Swamp Angels Camp in Dayton, Texas. Oh God, I dream of that day. Thank you God. I know you heard me. You always do."


   The Swamp Angels Camp #2029 is one of thousands of camps in the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). The SCV is a heritage organization located throughout every state in the United States, and in Canada, Europe and even Brazil.
   In order to keep camp members informed about what is going on, a camp uses a newsletter. The Angels' Dispatch is the Swamp Angels' newsletter. In trying to save money on the cost of publishing a newsletter and, in keeping up with the times, this web site was created. Now all Swamp Angels camp members can come to this web site once a month to read their newsletter, The Angels' Dispatch
   Even if you are not a member of the Swamp Angels or the SCV you can keep up with our news. Now read, enjoy, and prepare to be educated. Just look at the small words at the top of this and every page and click what you wish to read.     


T-shirt Back

Now You Can Buy
A Swamp Angel T-shirt

     The Swamp Angels now have T-shirts for sell. All of the T-shirts are a grey ash colored. On the front left chest is our camp logo. On the back is the picture you see to the left. We have all seen this and wished that we had bought one. Well now you can and for only $15.00. There is another $5.00 added for each T-shirt if you want us to mail it to you. E-mail Commander Vernon Gillen at  jonnyreb54@msn.com  for details. Let me know the size you need and how many you want. All sales are final.

   All black backgrounds in the two above pictures are really blue.


   All camps in the SCV have a camp flag, something that says; "This is us". The Swamp Angels also needed a flag. We thought for many months and ended up with what you see below. We know that it looks much like the Texas Divisional flag but this is what we wanted. Notice that the Texas star is on it's side as it was on the Texas Battle flag and there is a star in the center of the Confederate battleflag. This is the flag that says; "This is us. We are Texas and we are The Swamp Angels."  


For your Confederate ancestor. For your Southern heritage.
There are many reasons to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Order of the Confederate Rose or United Daughters of the Confederacy. All of these heritage organizations fight for their Southern rights, for your Southern rights.

Third National flag

General Robert E. Lee

   Are you proud of your Southern heritage? Are you proud of your Confederate ancestors? Do you need something that will show how you feel about it? I have a few ideas right here for you. Pick one.


   Do you have any questions about the SCV, OCR or the Swamp Angels' camp? If you do then e-mail Commander Vernon Gillen at jonnyreb54@msn.com . Tell me what you think about this site